Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Sealed my Own Driveway

I found a huge opportunity to save money last week. Every 2 years I pay a company to seal my driveway, but I have noticed that many of my neighbors do thier own. I researched it and found that I can save a LOT of money doing it myself. I went to the local hardware store and bought the sealant and a roll on brush and went to town. It was surprisingly easy, although I don't think I did quite as good a job as the professionals. Still, it looks pretty good and I saved a whopping $120 ($60 for the project)! Unfortunately the paint roller broke and I had to buy another one. And then I ruined my pants so I had to buy new ones. At first I was very annoyed as this was going to cut into my profits, but in the end I found some unbelievably cheap $3.50 pants that are really good quality. They were so great I bought two! In the end I made $62.97 for the project. This puts me slightly ahead of the pace to meet my deadline of October 1st.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just when your day can't get any worse... it gets better

I had to drive my wife to class today and grumbled a bit when I had to pay $1.50 for parking. Then she bought a drink and the vending machine short changed her by a quarter. Grrr.... What could possibly happen to us next? Well I looked over and saw a crisp new $10 bill sitting on the ground. Suddenly I didn't care that we just lost $1.75. I added it all to my stake since found money is fair game. 6.25% closer to the end of step 16! I also checked my doubling bank account and found that I had made 2 cents in May and 6 cents in June. Not much but it is PASSIVE income, which is the best kind!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Due date set for Current Level

I didn't realise that so much time has gone by since I completed step 15. One entire month! I was on vacation for some of it though, which is part of the reason I wasn't setting a due date. I didn't want to consider myself on the clock while I was trying to relax. The vacation is now done, so I will put my standard 3 months due date on, which means I need to complete step 16 by October 1st, 2010. I did make two purchases before my vacation that were not recorded. Firstly, I purchased a pair of pants for an unbelievable price of $3.50. These are used pants, but they are in good condition. I don't think I can use the base price of $20 like the last pair of pants since they are used and may wear out quicker, so I will half it and say they're regularly $10 for a savings of $6.50. Halfing that according to the rules for coupons/sales, etc. gives a profit of $3.25 to the project. I also bought 4 more jars of Ragu on sale for $0.99, for a savings of $3.20/2=$1.60 So that is $4.85 for the project. I'll need to do better than that at this level.