Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Found a beer bottle

I was walking to the mail box and came across a beer bottle. I picked it up on my way back and put it with the rest of my beer bottles for returning. I'll consider myself to have purchased it for 10 cents since that is how much I will ultimately get for it.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sold a book

Last time I did this challenge I never allowed myself to sell anything I owned outside of the project. Yesterday my wife was throwing some books out and asked me get rid of them. I usually just bring them to work and donate them to the book drive we have, but this time I took one and walked over to the used book store to sell. I have used them in the past, but they rip you off so much I decided to just give them away instead. Since I made this decision, I knew that I wouldn't ordinarily have used them, so that would make the book sale fare game (because it wouldn't affect our personal finances). How much do they rip you off? Well, I sold a book with a $20 price tag on it and she offered me $0.25. That's right. A measly quarter. You can see why I decided to forget them and just give them away. I tried to negotiate, saying that it wasn't just a $8 paperback, but she said that is their policy since the book is more than 7 years old, not to mention that they had a huge inventory so they were being very picky. I figured $0.25 was good enough for this level, so I made the sale. I definitely won't be using them once I get a bit more cash. Until then I might look for some more books she might buy. Still feels like I'm getting robbed though.


Saturday, September 12, 2009


I havn't posted in a while because I have been maxing and relaxing at a cottage for 2 weeks. I was going to post about how you'd think I would find a lot of coins away from home, but I only found one penny, putting me 2 cents away from step 5, but forget that! I found a nice surprise when I got home. I got a $2 donation from Falin at Double My Way to a Million. After Paypal fees, this comes to $1.62 (I went and turned my paypal into a business account during my last double attempt - ouch.) Thanks Falin - that's awesome!
Now I have been thinking a lot on how this whole donation thing should go down. Technically I only need 2 more cents for the next level, which means I should finish the level and split $1.60 between myself and charity. That of course would be very frustrating since this would leave me at level 6, going from $0.16 to $0.32. Another way to do it would be to make a rule that if one transaction is enough to complete multiple levels, then it should go towards that, only splitting the overshoot on the last level. In this case, that would put me at $1.28 (completed step 8) and leave 0.48 for splitting between charity and myself as overshoot. Less frustrating, but this could lead to a situation where I double up several levels on someone's donation, but don't actually donate anything to charity. Of course, half of the million is going to charity in the end so that's not really true. Still - they might expect at least SOMETHING to go immediately to charity. Of course, that would be completely in their control since all they need to do is donate a bit more to make it happen. Perhaps I worry too much. I think I'll pick option B and have this donation go towards 4 doubles, leaving me with $0.48 to split - $0.24 for myself and $0.24 for charity.
This raises two important questions. 1) Who will I donate to (who won't laugh at less than a quarter) and 2) What am I going to buy myself for $0.24? Who I want to donate to is easy. I owe the Hearing Impaired at least a dime, so I will give them the $0.24. See Lady - I was right. It was worth the wait. Now I just have to figure out how to give you $0.24 now that I have no idea where you are. As far as my treat goes - I have no idea what I can buy for $0.24. Maybe penny candy? Stay tuned. The options are limitless (ok, they're very limited - so much that I don't know what I can buy. Whatever.)