Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bear Sized Donation!

I received a bear sized donation. Literally. It's a jar of coins in the shape of a bear (the jar - not the coins). I rolled out all the coins and it turned out to be exactly $8.28. That completes level 9, 10 and 11. There were a few old coins in there - 1958 was the oldest, so I grabbed them out and swapped with some of my newer coins. Might as well keep them. That puts me at level 12 $10 to $20. I overshot by only $0.52, so I can buy myself something that costs $0.26 and I will donate $0.26. I feel a bit bad that I didn't overshoot more for the charity, but I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles. I never bought myself something for $0.24 on the last overshoot, so I guess I get to buy something for an even $0.50. Now that I have some real cash I'll have to come up with a new strategy. No more looking for coins on the ground.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Found 2C

I found 2 cents on the ground at Zellers today. I also realised I never bought myself something with my half of the 48 cents I overshot last level. I'll keep my eye out for something good (or at least SOMETHING)

Friday, October 23, 2009


Has it been a Month since I posted already? I'll have to try to keep up better. Ok, since my last post, I have found two more pennies and a dime on the ground. Then we had a poker game. This time I decided to never risk more than 20% on any transaction as opposed to risking blowing the whole thing. I had $1.63 at the time, which translated into $0.32 of my buy in being from this project. I played crappy and lost out first. The second game I could only put in $0.28. This time I played well, but I got rivered by my wife (which basically means she drew out on me with bad odds). Oh well - you can't win them all. I do seem to be on quite the losing streak though. I was also given $0.07. The best news is that I found two pennies, a dime and A DOLLAR at the grocery store. Add all this up and I'm at $2.34. The other thing that happened is that I looked and looked and looked for a way to donate $0.24 to the hearing impaired, but I couldn't find anywhere to do it without looking rediculous, so I just donated to the dog-looking piggy bank at the grocery store for the blind. I figure its close enough and once I have some more dough I will make sure I do donate to the hearing impaired.