Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I was Lazy, not Late! (Oh, and I Completed Step 16)

Seriously! I really met my October 1st deadline, but I was bogged down with something horrible. Something so terrible that you will easily see why I was so late in posting (insert sarcasm here). You see, I had to do some math. That's right - math. Now I know what you're thinking. Firstly, how could a little math stop someone from posting on thier blog for 4 straight months, including over the holidays. Secondly, you are probably thinking that I am some sort of Math hater. Well, the truth is I love Math. I actually like it, but for some reason every time I sat down and thought I should write my post, I let the math stop me. It wasn't even the Math itself. It was just the effort involved in it. That was the old me. I have been doing some soul searching over the holidays and have started off the new year right. I am so focused these days that I can't imagine falling back into my lazy ways ever again. Yes, yes, I know I have said things like that before but this time I am serious. I am tired of losing focus on this project and other things I hold dear to me. I am committing right now to keep this project going no matter what. My first rule that has come out of this 'awakening' is that I have to post at least two times a month, even if there is no progress. That will hopefully give me the out I need if life gets too hectic, but will force me to keep thinking about it every few weeks which will keep things going for the longer term. I was reviewing other people's progress and it is very daunting to see how many people have let thier projects die. I must admit I even contemplated ending my own doubling adventure during my period of self analysis. BUT I am BACK and here to stay! I have realised that although I used to take insanely long breaks, I do have something that over 90% of the other doubler's seem to lack (the ones that quit). I may leave, but I ALWAYS come back. You might even call me the Prodigal Doubler. Ok, now I think I am getting a bit carried away.

Now on to bigger and better news. I have completed step 16! Yahoo! I did it by saving money on groceries again. I ended up overshooting by $4.80, which I will split with Charity. It's nice to get a small treat, but the real benefit is the feeling of giving to others in need. (Cue corny 'Full House' type music). I'll leave this post here and update my numbers. I'll give a bit of a think of what my strategy for Step 17 will be and will post it in the next few weeks.

Thanks for still reading (if there's anyone out there still listening)



  1. Hi Flip,

    Glad to see you are making a comeback with Doubling.

    It is sad to see many of our old friends not posting on their blogs anymore. Perhaps they too will make a comeback.

    Keep the Focus!


  2. Thanks X. It's good to be back at it.